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Sustainable Jewelry for Zodiac Signs

by Meredith Labuda

a graphic art set of icons for each zodiac sign

Shopping sustainably can seem like an overwhelming task. We consume so many things that it feels impossible to shop ethically, but it’s okay to start small. Doing something as simple as buying sustainable jewelry can make a big difference.

Below we have a guide to affordable and sustainable jewelry sorted based on zodiac signs. The featured brands strive toward sustainability by using recycled materials to make their jewelry. Able Clothing not only uses recycled materials but also employs a staff of 90% women. Ana Luisa uses recycled materials to make their jewelry and recycles returned jewelry pieces. Ten Thousand Villages’ jewelry is handcrafted by women and communities around the world, and they still ensure that their practices are not harming the planet.

Our personal style can often be based on our star sign, so these pieces are a great starting point. These brands may have jewelry that is more expensive than what you could find at retail stores, but they’re an investment in your wardrobe and in the values these companies stand for.

Keep scrolling to find your perfect match!


gold earrings with a green bead

Aquariuses are known for being creative and unique, and their style is no different. Sometimes they can get a bad rep for being quirky, but anyone who hates on an Aquarius may be jealous of their boldness and confidence! They are more willing to take risks and be innovative with their fashion, which is why these glass bead huggie hoops by Able are perfect. These add a little something different to a look but are still simple enough to go with most outfits.


gold hoop earrings with a heart

Pisces are known for wearing their heart on their sleeve. They’re very in tune with their emotions and are empathetic as well as dreamy and imaginative. Pisces can’t hide their feelings, and this shows in their style! They dress in flowy and feminine pieces. These heart hoop earrings are by Ana Luisa perfect for Pisces because they display their emotional side, but also fit their cute, peaceful, and dream-like aesthetic.


a gold bracelet

Aries are some of the boldest and most ambitious of the zodiac. They’re brave and clever, and they don’t back down from a challenge. Their personal style is sleek and understated, but don’t be fooled, Aries still dresses to impress. (Sadie Sink’s red carpet looks are the best example of Aries fashion in action.) This chain bracelet is perfect for an Aries. It’s simple and beautiful, but upon closer look, the chain is intricately detailed. This bracelet will add sparkle and boldness to any look.


a blue patterned ring

Tauruses are Earth signs, and therefore they are known for being practical and grounded. They also enjoy peaceful and relaxing settings, which is especially reflected in their style. Tauruses value comfort in their clothing and tend to lean towards more natural colors, such as brown, green, and blue. This ocean blue ring fits the chill vibe of a Taurus, it’s simple but adds a pop of color and pattern to a look. It’s beautiful and serene, just like a Taurus!


green hoop earrings

Geminis are playful and fun, they’re always up for a good time. They’re the life of the party, and that’s reflected in their style. Geminis tend to have trendy clothing and aren’t afraid to take a risk and try something new. These hoop earrings, especially in the jade and periwinkle colors, are very popular right now, and they’re bright and bold just like Geminis. These hoops can be a statement in a simple look or work with a bold outfit.


a beaded necklace with moonstone

Cancers are compassionate and emotional. They’re extremely devoted and loyal to their loved ones, but they are not irrational. Cancers are very put together, which is seen in their style. They tend to dress very femininely and timelessly. The moonstone necklace by Ten Thousand Villages is a statement piece, one that can be a beautiful addition to an elegant look. And since Cancers are Cardinal water signs, the green and blue beading will look just gorgeous on a Cancer.


a beaded bracelet with multiple colorful beads

Leos are known for being vibrant and dramatic, they love to be the center of attention. But they’re not stuck up, Leos get attention because they are fun and magnetic. They tend to wear bright colors and bold patterns, making this TAMGA Designs gemstone bracelet perfect for a Leo. The bracelet has a gorgeous arrangement of colorful beads or varying shapes and sizes. The gold is classy, but the gems are shiny and eye-catching, just like Leos.


a gold necklace with a flower

Virgos are practical and logical and put on the appearance of being put together. But they also have a soft side, they can be natural and sympathetic. They have a structured style, with more muted and neutral colors. This pendant necklace has a classic look that Virgos wear so well, but the flower also brings in a natural element. The necklace is delicate and beautiful and is a good everyday piece that will stand out when paired with the neutral clothing that Virgos love.


pink round stone drop earrings

Libras are the scales, they look for equilibrium in their life. They are also charming and intelligent people, they tend to be the type of people who are good at everything. Libras keep their balance in their fashion as well, they want to create outfits that work for everything. And they look amazing in pink. These blush earrings will add a pop of pink to a Libra’s look and can easily be dressed up or down, working with almost any outfit.


blue teardrop shaped earrings

Scorpios are known for being the most mysterious and elusive of the zodiac signs. They can be intense and serious, but not cold. They are also deeply emotional and loyal. Scorpios tend to wear darker clothes with structure and generally just have a cool vibe. These blue teardrop earrings are perfect for a Scorpio. They appear to be simple but actually have depth in color. Like Scorpios, these earrings are dark, mystifying, and eye-catching.


gold chain necklace with multiple flowers

Sagittariuses are known for being bold trailblazers. They value autonomy and tend to be assertive, but they are still compassionate and caring. Their softer side can be seen in their style, as Sagittariuses often wear ultra-feminine pieces in bright colors. They have a polished and clean style, think Hailey Beiber’s model-off-duty looks. This flower necklace would be a great accessory for a Sagittarius. It’s feminine and adorable but is still a striking piece.


gold chain hoop earrings

Capricorns are known for being workaholics, they’re ambitious and hardworking. They’re driven and work for what they want, whether that be a success in the workplace or in relationships. Capricorns love functional clothing that is structured and timeless. They want elegant pieces that are always in style, which is why these chain earrings would be perfect for them. They are a bit different from normal hoops, but they are still simple and will go with almost anything.

If you decide to try dressing for your zodiac, leave a comment and let us know!



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