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About Product Love

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Hi, I'm Orianna, Founder of Product Love. I wanted to create a lifestyle blog focused on conscious consumerism. I think it is important for us to express ourselves and our beauty authentically, rather than getting caught up in a narrative that says we are "wrong" for buying things.


We all buy things, it's part of being human in these times. I love beauty and art and fashion and I also want to do my part for the environment. I think you do too, which is why you're here.

Thanks for reading!


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Product Love envisions a world where it is easy to access healthy, sustainable, responsible products. Rather than advocate for more regulation, we see an opportunity to educate and inspire change at the grassroots level.



Our mission is to educate others about healthy living, connect people with environmentally responsible products and brands, and advocate for the Earth.



Humans are part of multiple large ecosystems and have a responsibility to every other participant in those ecosystems. All of our work centers on the value of respecting Nature and recognizing the beauty of creation.

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