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Master the Art of Stylish Sustainability: Transform Your Lifestyle & Impact the Planet Positively

Join the only sustainability course that teaches how to reduce your impact while balancing the human desire to live a beautiful life.
Doors open February 8, 2024!

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What You'll Discover

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Transform Your Lifestyle - Learn How to Enjoy Luxury Responsibly and Enhance Your Quality of Life: Elevate your lifestyle as you master the art of living luxuriously without compromising your commitment to sustainability. Discover the joy of curating a stylish, values-aligned existence that reflects your taste and principles.

Practical Strategies for Everyday Living: Transform your daily routine with ease using practical, actionable strategies provided by our course. We walk you through calculating your annual impact, including the big drivers you can focus on to reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, we talk about sourcing our goods. We can have stylish things, but where we spend our money matters as much as how much we buy.

Create a Lasting Impact: Unlock the transformative power of your choices and witness their ripple effect on a more sustainable future. Gain a profound understanding of how your actions contribute not only to the well-being of the environment but also to the enrichment of your community and personal fulfillment.

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Learn that Self-Care is Luxury Too: We embrace the notion that true opulence extends beyond material possessions. It's about cultivating a mindset that treasures and nourishes the most important asset – you. Luxuriate in the simple yet profound acts of self-care that transcend the boundaries of cost. Indulging in a soothing bubble bath, or savoring a piece of chocolate are experiences that can feel "rich." Our course addresses mindset in addition to the practical aspects of eco-luxury.

Our Thoughts on Sustainable Style

We believe that sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they're a perfect match. Our course is designed for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, including fashion that reflects their taste and values. We want to dispel the notion that embracing sustainability means sacrificing style. It's perfectly okay to care about the environment and still revel in the joy of wearing beautiful, well-crafted clothes and accessories. You don't need to compromise aesthetics for sustainability; in fact, we encourage you to embrace both. 'Luxury Sustainable Living' is not just a course; it's a celebration of the harmonious blend of elegance and eco-consciousness. Join us on this journey where you can wear lipstick, dress impeccably, and still contribute to a sustainable, beautiful world.

We Love Style, But There's Substance Too

Our commitment to style goes hand in hand with a deep commitment to substance. We are passionate about dispelling the trend of greenwashing that has infiltrated the sustainability landscape. Our course goes beyond surface-level; we delve into the substance of sustainable living, offering authentic, practical insights. We believe in transparency, honesty, and real change. While we celebrate style, we equally value the substance of making a genuine impact on our planet.

A Unique Bonus - Custom EFT Tapping Series

At the heart of our course is a commitment to providing not only practical, factual guidance on sustainable living but also a transformative shift in environmental mindset. We introduce and nurture what we term an 'Abundant Earth Mindset'—a lens through which we see and appreciate the wealth already surrounding us.

As a unique offering, we've partnered with Brad Yates, renowned for his expertise on the popular YouTube channel 'Tap with Brad.' Together, we've curated an exclusive tapping series designed expressly for you. These custom tapping exercises go beyond sustainable living—they're crafted to guide you toward embracing an abundant life you truly love.

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Course Outcomes - What to Expect

Upon completion, you will:

  • Know your annual carbon footprint

  • Have a plan to achieve net zero, including an understanding of offsets

  • Know the sustainable habits you can cultivate to reduce your impact

  • Understand how to harmonize your personal style and sustainable lifestyle

  • Have transformed your mindset about the Earth, Luxury, and Abundance

Join our Waitlist!

Discover the power of aligning your mindset with the richness of our Earth. Sign up for our waitlist to not only learn how to live sustainably but to embark on a journey towards a life filled with abundance.
Our course will be available for purchase on February 8, 2024!

Special Offer: Secure your spot on our waitlist now, and be among the first 100 to receive an exclusive tapping video titled 'Beauty Mindset,' specially crafted with Brad Yates. It's the perfect kickoff for your transformative journey!

Ready to tap into sustainable abundance? Join us on this transformative adventure!

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