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Sustainable Clothes for a Night Out

by Meredith Labuda

women around a clothing table with a sign that says 'swap'

This article includes affiliate links.

If I’m out at a party or club and ask another girl where she got her top from, chances are good she’ll say Shein. Fast fashion practically has a monopoly on going out clothes. The clothes are cheap and in style, and sometimes, that can be worth the price of carbon emissions.

Thrifting your clothes for a night out is a much more sustainable alternative to buying from these types of companies, but sometimes, it’s still nice to buy a dress that’s brand new. In that case, consider splurging for clothes from a more sustainable company. The clothing items listed below are not only adorable pieces that would be perfect for a night out, but they’re basics. They’ve been in style for years and will continue to be go-to pieces for going out. When it comes to pieces you know you’ll wear for years, paying a little extra to buy something more sustainable is absolutely worth it.

The Mini Dress

Sometimes you just need a simple mini dress when going out. It can be accessorized, paired with a jacket, or dressed up or down. They’re just a necessity, and if you only get one piece of sustainable clothing for going out, these dresses would be a great choice. Groceries Apparel, a company that uses plant-based dyes, has two amazing mini dresses. The Micro Mini Dress (see pic) comes in three adorable colors and is effortlessly chic. Meanwhile, the Ribbed Cami Dress comes in four colors and is simple yet fitted and flattering.

woman with a short tan bodycon dress
Groceries Apparel Micro Mini Dress

The Go-To Jeans

Everyone needs their perfect pair of jeans. That magical pair that fits perfectly and works with every outfit. Especially for a night out, it’s important to have a pair of pants you feel secure and confident in. Able Clothing has lots of denim options, including the Clarissa High Rise Jeans, the perfect skinny jeans, and the Whitney Boyfriend Jeans. These handcrafted jeans come in a range of washes and sizes and would pair perfectly with the bodysuits listed above.

The Body Suit

A college girl classic. The bodysuit may be hard to get off at the end of the night, but it looks so hot with a pair of jeans that it doesn’t matter. It’s an easy, reliable piece and looks good every time. Girlfriend Collective has a range of bodysuits in a variety of colors and sizes. Two of their best are the Marlow High Neck Bodysuit and Fawn Vivien Mock Neck Bodysuit.

woman with a jean jacket
Able Jenna Oversized Boyfriend Jacket

The Denim Jacket

While we’re talking about denim, we can’t forget about denim jackets! They’re not only adorable, but functional, you need those pockets on a night out! A denim jacket is a must-have for a casual night out, especially during those colder autumn nights. Able has the Jenna Oversized Boyfriend Jacket, the perfect distressed and oversized denim jacket. It’s loose-fitting and can keep you warm and comfortable without being restricting.

The Matching Set

If you’re really trying to look put-together for a night out, a matching set is the way to go. It’s an easy way to ensure your outfit looks good, and you’ll probably end up having the best outfit of the night. When paired together, the Cola Recycled Panelled Crop Top and Mini Skirt by Afends create a unique look with a strong silhouette. This all-black set of recycled polyester and organic cotton is sure to stun and look flattering on anyone.

woman with a small cropped black bra-like top
Afends COLA Recycled Paneled Crop Top

The Fancy Pants

Everyone needs a pair of statement pants that they can count on for a night out. Sometimes you just need to wear a tee with some pants, and if you don’t want to go for the basic black shirt and jeans combo, you need some pants with personality. Luckily, Afends has many options when it comes to fancy pants, with their Unisex Panelled Pants being one of the best. These pants add a pop of color and pattern to a look but are neutral enough to go with almost any top.

The Short Skirt

For a more playful look, a short skirt is the way to go. Sometimes, jeans and long pants just aren’t going to make an outfit as exciting as a skirt will. Skirts can add a pop of color or pattern, and they’re a great way to show some leg. Afends’ Recycled Sheer Mini Skirt is made of recycled polyester to create a patchwork pattern that gives you a totally unique look. Girlfriend Collective has a more functional and flowy skirt, the Weekend Wrap Skort. It’s meant to be a workout skirt, but the style is so cute that it could easily work paired with a cute tank top. Plus it has pockets!

a bright pink one shoulder short dress
Girlfriend Collective Bianca Dress

THAT Dress

Whether it’s for a birthday, a girl’s weekend, or an opportunity to make an ex jealous, every girl is going to have an occasion that they need an amazing dress for. A dress that they can’t help but feel confident in, a dress that will make sure they’ll catch everyone’s eye. Girlfriend Collective’s Bianca Dress is made of recycled water bottles and spandex, so naturally it’s skin-tight and it also comes in incredibly vivid colors. Noumenon’s Grecia Dress also has a tight fit, but also has sexy cutouts and is made of a more stretchy fabric. These dresses are simple but bold and are sure to turn heads!



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