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The Best Sustainable Beauty Brands and Influencers

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Beauty influencers are becoming more and more important to the way consumers interact with the products in their industry. It is becoming more common for people with an interest in beauty to rely on the knowledge of their favorite influencers when making a decision on what products they purchase and use.

With awareness and openness of environmental processes increasing, more and more people are incorporating carbon-neutral principles within their daily lives. As we continue to witness this increase in environmentally sound practices, the demand for sustainable beauty products will also increase, with more and more bloggers launching niche channels that focus on ethical and natural products and products that are sustainable.

A sustainable beauty blogger focuses on the use of eco-friendly products, while still including tips, tricks, and other types of advice in their posts. The best beauty influencers are a hundred percent committed to this focus upon displaying the best of clean beauty and have exclusive use of clean make-up and other non-toxic products. Though sustainable beauty is still in its relative infancy, expect this to be a trend that only increases to grow within the coming years.

By following sustainable beauty bloggers, you can follow the latest trends in natural beauty products while staying cruelty-free and eco-friendly. This is a trend worth keeping on top of for all looking to create a healthy living for themselves within the beauty industry, it is becoming more and more common for people to try to integrate an environmentally safe mindset into their daily routines. So whether you are intent on using non-toxic products only, or just want to keep an eye on the trajectory of this eco-friendly trend, here is a list of some of the top clean beauty influencers and best sustainable makeup brands on Instagram.

R.E.M Beauty

Created to, “empower you with the tools you need to bring your most vivid, limitless and creative dreams to life,” R.E.M beauty is a massive brand with a uniquely abstract vision, focusing upon artistic expression and one-of-a-kind creations. It is a new brand, founded on November 12th, 2021, with its name itself focusing upon this idea of dream-inspired creation, as it says on its website the name R.E.M is defined as, “the phase of sleep during which your most creative, limitless and vivid dreams occur.”

With the products being Vegan, recyclable, cruelty, and paraben-free, r.e.m., with 1.5m followers on Instagram, is a great example of a brand that has both worldwide exposure and great moral integrity. Brought to life by Ariana Grande it is a must-know brand for any influencers and aspiring makeup artists who intend to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Expect this year-old brand to become a giant within the industry and hopefully, they can maintain their ethical practices as they continue to grow.

Ofra Cosmetics

With 1.7 million followers on Instagram, OfraCosmetics is a massive brand offering a vast range of high-quality, USA-made, cruelty-free makeup products. Offering products for eyes, lips, face, body, and more on their website, it is safe to say that Ofra is a must-know for anyone who likes clean makeup products. It is also worth checking out their blog for interesting posts. They also sell on Amazon - we are looking at this Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter!)

For over 20 years Ofra Cosmetics has been producing high-quality clean beauty products that are formulated, tested, manufactured, packaged, and shipped in-house. There is a reason why they are such a well-established brand and should be on the list of anyone who is searching for makeup products made from high-quality, natural ingredients. From mascara to lipstick, highlighter, and bronzer Ofra Cosmetics offers a fantastic range of ethically sourced products for the environmentally conscious beautician to try out.

Tata Harper

Founded in 2010 by Henry and Tata Harper on their farm in Vermont, New England, Tata Harper Skincare is quickly becoming one of the leading brands for eco-friendly skincare and makeup products. Producing their products with recipes consisting of over 300 raw ingredients, sourced from 68 countries, the Tata Harper brand is a great supplier of non-toxic products and should be considered by all consumers looking to purchase sustainable beauty products.

They also offer a skincare concierge service that intends to learn the specifics of your skincare needs, to personalize a care plan which works with your daily routine and is made dynamic through regular checkups with an expert within the brand. With complete openness regarding their formulations and ingredients, the brand Tata Harper is the perfect fit for those interested in environmentally friendly products and result-driven skincare that does not make use of harmful chemicals. With a range of non-toxic products 100% free from GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, fragrances, and synthetic chemicals it’s safe to see Tata Harper is the perfect fit for anyone with an interest in clean beauty.

Liz Earle Beauty Co

A growing brand from the United Kingdom, based in Ryde, Portsmouth Liz Earle Beauty Co offers a wide range of products including anti-aging creams, skincare products, bath products, and body care kits. Claiming that they, “care for more than just your skin,” Liz Earle Beauty Co promotes cruelty-free skincare and responsibly sourced clean beauty products.

They have backed this belief up by keeping their products at and above the standards set by the Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny Programme, a foundation that has set the gold standard for cruelty-free products since 1996. To achieve approval from this foundation a company is required to promise to end animal testing in all stages of product development.

With the Liz Earle Beauty Co recently pairing with the Wildlife preservation foundation WWF in a mission to protect the UK’s natural habitats and restore the country’s biodiversity, expect this brand to continue to grow if it can maintain its strong sense of moral responsibility and high-quality products. For anyone with an interest in clean beauty and supporting certified Carbon neutral businesses Liz Earle Beauty Co is a great option to source products from.

Justine Jenkins

Author of the book “Sustainable Beauty: Practical Advice and Projects for an Eco-conscious Beauty Routine,” Justine Jenkins is a British makeup artist with 20+ years of experience in the beauty industry. She has worked with a wide range of celebrities internationally including Fearne Cotton, Jodie Comer, Elizabeth Moss, and more. Her work is also critically acclaimed and has been featured in many high-end publications such as The Stylist, The Sunday Times Magazine, and Vogue. She is a highly versatile influencer with a growing following and is even a certified CBD expert.

With 38.6k followers on Instagram, her page is full of examples of great artistry composed of products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. The recipe for her facial serum, which is used in most of her posts, is featured in her book and is even makeable in your own home. Overall Justine Jenkins is a great example of a unique influencer in the clean beauty market who has an eye for technique and a great understanding of the clean beauty market and the importance of using non-toxic products and ingredients. It would be reasonable to think Jenkins’ online presence will continue to grow as she continues to innovate and post on social media consistently.

Maison Pur

Host of Maison Pur, a Natural Living Podcast, Maison Pur is an influencer based in the United States (Charlotte, North Carolina) with a growing 22.7k followers on Instagram. Promoting and advertising ways to maintain a non-toxic family home and products needed to succeed within the organic beauty market. Pur posts several tips to her followers on how to live as environmentally friendly and as healthy as possible.

Her Instagram features a wide range of different clean beauty products that fit Pur’s focus on non-toxic products that are paired with in-depth posts on her blog. She is a great example of a role model for non-toxic living and parenting and a great person to follow on Instagram for anyone who is interested in all types of eco-friendly products.

Celeste Thomas

Holistic skincare and clean beauty influencer Celeste Thomas has a great Instagram page filled with skincare advice and advertisements for non-toxic products. (Beauty brands looking for influencers may want to check her out!) From the best clean beauty stocking stuffers for under $25 to vegan recipes for a healthy pumpkin pie, Thomas is a great addition to any Instagram feed belonging to any influencer and consumer with an interest in clean makeup, skincare, and healthy living.

With the wide range and consistency of her content and great sense of humor, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to expect Thomas’s already relatively large following of 56k followers to grow over the coming years. Celeste Thomas has all the makings of a great clean beauty influencer.

Bare Beauty Blog

Jessica Morse established her clean beauty blog, Bare Beauty, in 2013. She is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and has a healthy 32.3k followers on Instagram. She focuses on a large range of products from eyeshadow palettes to skincare masks and oil diffusers. Her blog expands her focus from clean beauty as well as health, wellness, and parenting advice.

Morse is a great example of clean beauty influencers who extend their focus on non-toxic living into almost every sector of everyday lifestyle needs. In general, Morse is a great addition to any clean living and green Instagram feed for aspiring and established beauticians and influencers.


Vicky Farrell, owner of the blog and Instagram account Kabukirune is a cruelty-free, clean beauty, skincare and makeup artist with the motto, “Let’s all try to do more with less.” With 14.2k followers on Instagram, it is fair to say that she has a growing brand that offers a wide range of content. Her Instagram profile offers a great portfolio of different styles of eye makeup and advertisements for non-toxic products. What makes Farrell unique on the scene is her eye for photography, her shots on her Instagram look as if they are straight out of film scenes! It is no wonder why she also offers beauty and product photography services.

Give Kabukirune a follow if you want to fill your feed with more high-quality photography and makeup artistry. She also has a great knowledge of methods of recycling and environmentally clean living. It seems that Farrell could really create a niche with her excellent makeup artistry and photography if she continues with her hard work.

Picture of a tube of pink lipstick with the PTY brand name
PYT Beauty's 'Sorry Not Sorry' Lipstick

Pretty Young Thing (PYT) Beauty

Of course, we have to mention Pty - it's one of Orianna's favorites! She loves their 'Sorry Not Sorry' lipstick which is frequently featured on our home page. We've already written about the brand, so check out our article 'Meet Clean Beauty Brand PTY'.


Ting, owner of the ting thing is, like Kabukirune, an emerging clean beauty influencer with 14.2k followers focused on sustainability and clean beauty. Based in Birmingham England, her posts on Instagram range from content on hair, beauty, food, and fashion. Ting’s wide range of interests and versatility in her posts make her worth a follow for anyone with an interest in non-toxic products and clean makeup.

Her award-winning blog, also going by the name Ting Thing, is also worth checking out and is equally diverse and interesting. Ting has all the makings of a major player within the environmentally friendly beauty scene, expect to see her online presence expand over the coming years.


As the market for sustainable beauty products continues to grow exponentially, more and more bloggers will launch channels focused on eco-friendly products and clean beauty and if you’re looking to follow the latest trends in natural beauty, you can’t go wrong by following influencers who are focused on using sustainable and ethical beauty products. When searching for clean beauty products look for Carbon Neutral companies, products that are Leaping Bunny Certified, Fairtrade, and Cruelty-Free. Expect to see non-toxic products and sustainable makeup items becoming more and more available in the future with awareness of environmental practices and openness surrounding them only increasing.

By following sustainable beauty accounts, you can stay up-to-date on the latest non-toxic products and clean beauty trends while also supporting bloggers who maintain a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. A green life has never been easier and more affordable!



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