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Product Love's Perfume Journey

We're so excited to begin developing our first eco-friendly product!

I used to love to wear perfume when I was younger. Then, as I became more environmentally conscious, there was a time when I didn’t wear anything. I was concerned about the ingredients and knew that most mass-marketed brands had alcohol, fillers and chemicals that were not healthy.

When I found essential oils I just fell in love with them. I came to love making my own blends ― using them for aromatherapy and healing. I learned how to frequency shift (improve my mood) with certain oils, and even refresh my living space using homemade clearing sprays.

I had a friend who requested I make her a custom spray blend, and then she told a friend, etc. I ended up creating an Etsy shop to sell aromatherapy sprays. It became too time intensive to make each order individually, package it by hand, and take each one to the post office, so I ended up closing my shop after about four years.

When I first thought about starting Product Love, I was very clear that I wanted to blog and promote Earth-friendly living and products. I also knew that at some point I wanted to create products that align with my values. I often say that consuming is part of being human ― it’s just about consuming responsibly.

When I thought about my first product, perfume was a natural choice.

I am so excited because this week I found a manufacturer here in North Carolina! I will be working with them to develop my first eco-friendly custom scent that will be free of alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, and it will be cruelty-free.

When I had my Etsy shop, it had never occurred to me to go bigger and have someone produce my products in small batches and ship them out for me. Finding a local production option and making something eco-friendly that I love feels like an AMAZING step up from where I used to be.

I really want to share this journey of my first product development with you all, so be on the lookout for updates.

Also, I have some fragrance names in mind, but I will be sending out a survey so that those of you on my email list can cast your vote! (When the perfume is ready later in 2022, I will also do a giveaway to some of you on my email list.)

Thanks for supporting my blog, and for your efforts to make the little changes that add up to make a big difference for the environment.



p.s. I almost forgot! As I did product research about clean perfume brands, I have found some that are safe and eco-friendly. Check out this post that lists 20 clean perfume brands available right now.



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