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10 High Vibration Holiday Gift Ideas

by Orianna

a Christmas tree with a glittery ornament

This post includes affiliate links.

Great gifts for practicing conscious consumerism this season!

As we become more awake and aware of what is going on with the planet, we have had to consider our participation in the grand wave of consumerism that happens around the holidays.

We have identified a few gifts that help raise the vibration of the western consumerism-driven holiday. I hope this list gives you some interesting ideas or sparks creativity about your own high-vibe gifts!

High Vibration Holiday Gift Ideas

1. A Peace Pole

There are more than 200,000 peace poles located across the globe. The project was started in Japan after World War II and has become an international phenomenon. Each pole buried in the Earth says: “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Dave Moffat is a Peace Pole Maker in the U.S. whose facilities are currently located in Maple City, MI. You can purchase a peace pole in multiple sizes, both for indoor or outdoor use, and select text in various languages.

In addition to large peace poles, there are smaller gifts available. I like the framed peace message ($65), available in numerous languages.

2. Create a Custom-made Book on Blurb

In the summer of 2012, I took my mom’s cookie tin in her kitchen that had all of her go-to family recipes. I scanned the cover of the cookie tin and typed up the recipes. Then I set about making a lot of the recipes over the summer and fall to capture photos of the delicious dishes.

I laid out all the recipes and images in Blurb and ordered custom-made family cookbooks for my parents and siblings. Yes, this took some work! But everyone in the family uses the book, and I know they appreciated it.

A thoughtful family gift such as a photo album or recipe book can go a long way towards bringing people closer during the holidays. Rather than focusing on disagreements or old wounds, we can come together and celebrate the joy of living.

3. Spiritual or Personal Development Books

If the person you are giving to enjoys spiritual reading, there are so many great choices! I caution that giving someone (especially a family member) a book that you know they will have spiritual or religious issues with is not helpful. Also, thinking that someone is somehow broken or wanting in character and then giving a book to help “fix” them is also not advisable.

However, if you know someone who loves spirituality or personal development, here are some ideas:

4. A Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are amazingly healthy. While studies do not support all the health claims about these beautiful lamps, studies generally agree that salt lamps help with allergies, mood, and skin health. Salt lamps are a beautiful decor item that also positively impacts your space!

You can get one on Amazon for less than $30.

5. An Angel or Fairy Ornament

I truly believe that having a representation of something helps draw that type of energy to us. So having beautiful fairy and angel ornaments invites them to join us in the festivities! I am sure that there are many places to buy beautiful ornaments. This Lenox ornament is so sweet and is less than $20. I had a tough time finding a fairy ornament I liked, so I do not include a link. I thought it could be a fun project to make one and share it as a homemade gift. Remember to include something shiny — fairies love glitter and crystals!

6. A Special Calendar

The images we bring into our home contribute to the vibration of our space. Having a calendar with a special spiritual figure or meaning helps to focus our minds every time we look at it. While many people use their phones for keeping appointments, you may know someone who still enjoys a printed wall calendar.

One idea is this Amma calendar. Amma is a Hindu saint that travels the world (pre-Covid), expressing her love for humanity. Although Amma’s spiritual tradition is Hinduism, she says that her religion is Love. Amma celebrates Christmas at her primary ashram, Amritapuri, in India. She has multiple centers across the world, and often images of Christ are displayed. This is a thoughtful Christmas gift for the open-minded.

7. A Suncatcher

I love crystals and rainbows, so this gift is a favorite of mine! Suncatchers are meant to be hung in the window to “catch’’ and reflect the light of the sun. What a wonderful metaphor for a Christmas gift!

I have purchased a couple of suncatchers on Etsy ranging from $20 to $30. I found this one on Amazon for less than $10. I mentioned above that I could not find a fairy Christmas ornament that I liked, but I did find this fairy suncatcher!

8. Activation Artwork

If the person you are buying for enjoys art and especially light language, this is a great choice. I have been following Golden Activations for a while, and there are some items I would love to have! All of the artwork is encoded with high vibe light codes, and you can order the images on a range of items — wall prints, throw pillows, yoga mats, and other items. I love this piece called Golden Osiris, but there are tons of great images to choose from!

9. Conscious Clothing

I like the brand Tentree. The brand focuses on sustainability and ethical manufacturing, and they plant 10 trees for every item purchased. I ordered a sweatshirt and some pants for my son, and the items are very high quality. The fabric and the construction are high-end, and I am sure these items will last a long time.

Remember that we always vote with our wallet — and I like supporting stores that make high-quality, ethically responsible products. When we consume, which we must do as humans, we can balance what we take from the Earth with what we give back. And businesses that “get this” are really supporting the future of our planet. Vote wisely!

10. An EMF Protection Device or an Ionizer

If you have any sensitive friends, an EMF device could be the most thoughtful gift you ever give. EMF Blues is a great company that offers multiple devices for managing EMFs. I have the Star Tri-Pack, which I put on my Wi-Fi device. I also have several Star 3-hole devices, which I put on my laptop and the microwave. A few years ago, a friend gave me an EMF protection pendant which is great, especially for those who travel a lot for work. I also love ionizers. I have several in my home and one for the car. I can tell an immediate difference after plugging in an ionizer. I always take one with me on trips and use one in my hotel room. I have this 3-pack that I ordered from Amazon, and I have this car ionizer.

Bonus 11: Wise Men Gift Set

I was thinking about the gifts of the three wise men in the Bible — gold, frankincense, and myrrh. There are all sorts of creative ways to put together a meaningful gift that includes these items. For example, you could select any of these and create your own custom gift basket:

I had the idea of making a little basket with small cakes, topping them with the edible gold flakes, and then including the blended incense in the basket. This would be a way to keep the gift cost low but add a really thoughtful touch to the holiday.

Gift Wrapping for a More Sustainable Holiday

One thing I want to talk about is the waste that happens around gift wrapping. If you have old wrapping paper from prior holidays, please use it! You could even make it a fun family tradition to wrap Christmas gifts in leftover birthday paper. Using newspapers is always an option, but I caution against newspaper ink sitting on light carpets. I have some recycled brown paper for wrapping, and it can be fun to get some markers and do your own holiday decorations.

God bless this person who wrote up 15 ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping! I will not repeat the list here, but please check out the article. Reducing waste around this time sends the message that you are a responsible citizen of the Earth and are taking steps to create a balance with nature.



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